Seafood Additive Compound Phoshpate

Seafood Additive Compound Phoshpate
Standard Executed
Main Component
water retention agent, preservation, antibacterial agent.
white powder, soluble in water, solution is slightly alkaline.
Range of Applications
seafood products
Application effects
1: Improve the quality of seafood products, retain moisture and nutrients of products efficiently.
2: Anti-oxidation, retain original color and flavor of seafood.
3: Reduce the loss of moisture and weight after cooking.
4: Enhance antibacterial ability of seafood products to extend their storage period.
5: This Product has good solubility in hard water, cold water and salt water.

net weight 20kg, carton package.
store in cool (around 20℃/68℉) and dry environment.
Shelf Life
Wheat Flour Food Quality Improver Compound Phosphate