Tetra Potassium Pyrophosphate

Tetra Potassium Pyrophosphate (TKPP)
Chemical NameTripotassium Phosphate Anhydrous
SynonymsTetra Potassium Pyrophosphate
Molecular formulaK4P2O7
CAS NO.7320-34-5
Standard ExecutedGB25562-2010
Anhydrous tetra potassium phosphate is in white powder or granular. Relative density 2.534 g/cm3 and melting point 1109℃; It is apt to absorb humidity in the open air to deliquescent; Soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol, and at 25℃, its solubility in water is 187g/100g water; It can chelate with alkaline metal ions or heavy metalions.
It is applied to electroplating without cyanate, industrial or household detergents; It can be used as a buffering reagent as well as stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide; It can also be used as dispersion agent for ceramic, clay, latex and pigments etc.
Plastic knit bag or kraft bag, net weight 25kg. Besides, we can pack the goods according to the requirement of the client.
Guaranteed Technical Specifications
No.SpecificationsUnitFood Grade Standard
1Main contents K4P2O7%≥96.5
2Plumbum (Pb)mg / kg≤2
3pH of 1% water solution
4Heavy Metal (as Pb)mg / kg≤10
5Arsenic(As)mg / kg≤10
6Fluoride (F)mg / kg≤10
7Water insoluble
8Water Insoluble%≤0.2

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Tripotassium Phosphate Anhydrous